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Safari Kids International School (affiliated with Zoo-phonics Academy), in June 2011, moved to a new location in Yakumo, Meguro-ku, in order to offer improved quality, security, and room to grow. Our large 2-story schoolhouse is located in an upscale residential area with easy access to Miyamae Park and Komazawa Park, as well as other playgrounds. We provide international preschool and kindergarten programs, and afternoon ESL classes for children here.

At Safari Kids, our mission is to provide children the best care and education possible. Moreover, we provide a safe, caring, and stimulating learning environment where we structure our curriculum around four key elements of social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development to ensure the growth of the whole child. We believe that a print-rich environment enhances student understanding of oral and written language and provides a foundation for future learning. For this we use the Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program and design our preschool and kindergarten curriculums based on Zoo-phonics to integrate all aspects of language arts (phonological awareness, the alphabet, print information and oral language) along with math, art, music, science, social studies, resource conservation, cooking, sensory motor, and physical education. It is our goal to teach to the whole child by encouraging self-discovery, a love of learning, to care for others as well as well as oneself, and an empathy and appreciation of the diversity we see in other people, cultures and customs. Ultimately, we hope that our expert care and comprehensive curriculum will give our children the confidence to become successful, life-long learners.

The Merits of Safari Kids International School

At Safari Kids, we also help parents to participate in their child's preschool and kindergarten experience as an extension of the family. Parents, children, teachers, and the director work as a team in the best interests of each child and actively communicate to insure maximum student growth and parental support. The merits of our school are as follows; 

-Small classroom sizes with low student-teacher ratio and experienced classroom teachers who give warm and attentive care in a nurturing environment.

-Individual personalities and abilities are valued and conscientious, personalized guidance is given that match needs.

-Age/level-appropriate classes follow academic targets and monthly themes in a full year comprehensive curriculum.

-Many hands-on activities and games included in our academic curriculum which all children will enjoy and be eager to learn.

-Guidance and coaching discipline and manners during life at school: greetings, decision making, self-help skills, cleaning up after oneself, and showing consideration for others.

-No Japanese in the classroom. An English-only environment promotes usage and language development.

-Regular communication between teachers, parents and guardians in the form of daily journal entries, monthly newsletters and bi-yearly parent-teacher conferences.

-Consultation and preparation guidance for post-graduate opportunities: kindergarten, elementary school and international school.