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Kindergarten English Class

Kindergarten English ClassZoo-phonics Academy and Safari Kids' Afternoon Kindergarten English Program is a weekly 85 minute English language program developed for children of kindergarten age. Our qualified and experienced English speaking teachers manage classes of up to 8 children. Our program incorporates key components of our highly acclaimed preschool curriculum based on the Zoo-phonics language arts program and kinesthetic method. Classes are organized into four grades based on ability, so children are assured of getting the most from the program, effectively targeting all the core skills of hearing, speaking, reading and writing. Our program's activities are broad in range: song & rhythmic body movement, introduction of theme-based vocabulary and conversation during circle-time, use of our distinctive and effective language arts program using our internally developed Zoo-phonics textbooks, followed by our arts-and-crafts or story time period. Kindergarten English Classes are suitable for children of all abilities, from beginner to advanced level. In addition, we have fun-filled educational programs available at Summer School and Spring School.

Program Schedule

Circle Time 20 minutes Greetings and conversation, singing and rhythmic dance & movement, weather and calendar
Zoo-phonics 30 minutes Phonics – letters, sounds & vocabulary and reinforcement activities & games
English Study with textbook 25 minutes English Language Instruction Conversation skills and vocabulary development
Arts & Crafts or Story Time 10 minutes Monthly theme related craft or story book reading

Kids Club - (from four to eight years old)

Kids Club The approach of Kids Club varies from that of our kindergarten and elementary ESL classes, which are aimed at acquiring targeted English skills. Kids Club promotes hand-on learning and practical language development in a 2 hour, English immersive program centered on STEAM education (*1) and robot programming KOOV® (*2). Kids Club naturally fosters children's intellectual curiosity, logical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and expressiveness in a stimulating, inquiry-based environment. Not only will they improve their English communication skills, but they will also learn to respect the diversity of their peers and to solve problems through teamwork, important skills for the 21st century. Our goal is to encourage our children's ambition to accomplish, communicate and take risks, and to expand their academic potential to the fullest.

To join Kids Club, children must have at least one year of English experience.

* 1 STEAM education is "STEM education" for the integrated learning of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, and expanded to include Art.
* 2 KOOV® is a robot programming learning kit developed by Sony Global Education that allows the free creation of shapes and its movement via programming.
Through the experience of robot production, we will foster children's inquisitiveness, creativity, and thinking ability to expand their futures.



In the Kindergarten English classes, we also try to cultivate the children's international awareness and understanding. We introduce other countries, cultures, and events to children through books, pictures, arts & crafts, games, and songs. We also hold yearly Halloween and Christmas events at the school.

Summer School/Spring School

Safari Kids International School offers exciting educational activities for children of kindergarten age during spring and summer holidays. Detailed information on each program, including dates and availability, will be displayed on the 'News' page leading up to the beginning of each season.

Tuition - Kindergarten English Programs

Tuition information for our Kindergarten English Programs are available to view or download. These documents require Acrobat Reader. If you are unable to open the files, please download Acrobat Reader.