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Elementary English Class

Elementary English Class Using Zoo-phonics original materials, our specially trained foreign instructors help children develop accurate pronunciation, reading and writing skills in the first half of the lesson. In the second half of the class, students use textbooks to learn and improve their English skills through engaging reinforcement activities and role-playing games. Classes are level based, with a maximum of 8 students in each class and a homeroom teacher. Children who have studied English previously can start in the appropriate class according to their level. At our schools we encourage students to take the United Nations Junior English Proficiency Test and EIKEN®. EIKEN® is a registered trademark of Eiken Foundation of Japan.

Intensive English Class for Elementary School Students (For elementary school students with at least one year of English learning experience)

The goal of the Intensive English Class is to provide students with a strong foundation in the four skills of English, namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. These weekly, 120-minute lessons are designed to help students solidify their foundational skills while growing their applied skills. Two experienced native English speaking teachers manage this program, with one teacher teaching the first half of the class in phonics, reading and writing, and another teacher will take over during the second half for grammar and conversation study. English grammar is focused on mechanics for speaking, with easy-to-understand explanations and frequent practice of basic sentence patterns and word placement. We use textbooks that reinforce conversational English so that each child can acquire "practical English skills." We have also introduced an American e-learning program for supplementary study at home. By the time children enter junior high school, our goal is for them to pass the United Nations Junior Eiken A Course Level 1 and the Practical Eiken Level 3 or higher.

Advanced English ClassThis Advanced Class is a special continuation course for international school graduates and returnees who already have native-level speaking and reading skills. After entering elementary school, students will continue to expand the English skills they have developed during their four years at the International School. These 120-minute weekly lessons are divided into two parts: the first half is grammar and writing, and the second half is reading and conversation, taught entirely in English by two experienced native English speaking teachers. Several levels (maximum of 8 students) are available according to the number of years of study and the level of proficiency of the student. We use projectors and tablets to enhance communication time with the teachers, and to develop children's English skills more efficiently and effectively. We have also introduced an e-learning program from the U.S. for supplementary study at home to help strengthen children’s listening comprehension, reading comprehension and vocabulary.
The goal of the Advanced Class is for students to pass Level 3 of the Eiken Practical English Test in the early grades and Level 2 by the time they enter junior high school. We will offer a preparation course prior to the exam.



In the Elementary English Classes, we also try to cultivate the children's international awareness and understanding. We introduce other countries, cultures, and events to children through books, pictures, arts & crafts, games, and songs. We also hold yearly Halloween and Christmas events at the school.