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2021/10/04Deedee Deer Class/Dinosaurs!

Today we would like to talk about our Deedee Deer Class.

This month’s theme is ”Dinosaurs”.

We have learned that there are different types of dinosaurs.

Bipedal walking, quadrupedal walking, pterosaurs, herbivorous dinosaurs and carnivorous dinosaurs.

We learned a lot!



Everybody loves dinosaurs! In our dinosaurs-themed month, we made our own dinosaurs and painted them. We also made a place for them to live – our own dinosaur land!

Last Friday we invited Missy Mouse Class and Robby Rabbit class.

We sang a few songs for them.

At Last! We were looking forward to the volcano eruption experiment.


We were very excited!

It was Fun!!

Let’s learn, play and grow together!


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