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インターナショナル・スクール スケジュール

Missy Mouse Daily Class Schedule

9:00〜9:15 Arrival Time
9:15~9:30 Morning Activities
9:30~9:45 Greeting/Attendance
9:45~10:00 Circle Time (Songs/finger plays)
  Calendar Circle (Month, day, weather, season)
10:00~10:30 Language Arts by Zoo-phonics
  Phonemic Awareness/Phonics Games & Activities
10:30~11:30 Snack Time and Free Play or Outdoor Play
11:30~12:00 Learning Center following monthly themes
  (Math, Music, Arts & Crafts, Cooking, etc.)
12:00~12:15 Story Time
12:15 Pick-up Time (Half Day)
  * Continue to Full Day Program
12:15~13:15 Lunch and Free Play
13:15~14:00 Afternoon Learning Center
  (Phonics games, Fine motor skill development, Math, Crafts)
14:00~14:15 Story Time and Class Report
14:15 Pick-up Time (Full Day)

Robby Rabbit & Deedee Deer Daily Class Schedule

9:00~9:15 Arrival Time
9:15~9:30 Morning Activities
9:30~9:40 Greetings, Attendance
9:40~10:10 Circle Time, Songs (based on monthly theme), Calendar
10:10~11:50 Language Arts by Zoo-phonics© (English and phonics lesson)
10:50~11:50 Snack / Park time (indoor play on rainy days)
11:50~12:30 Learning Center
  Monthly theme based lesson
  (theme lesson, math, arts & crafts, music, story time, etc.)
12:30~13:30 Lunch, Play Time
13:30~14:10 Learning Center
  (theme lesson, math, writing, arts & crafts, etc.)
14:10~14:15 Class report, get ready to go home
14:15 Pick-up Time

*Timetables are subject to change depending on circumstances.