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2021/08/27Summer School 2021

It’s been a great few weeks at Yakumo Zoo-Phonics Summer School. In a year where many of us are unable to have exotic summer vacations, we’ve been using our imaginations to have all sorts of exciting adventures!

Everybody loves a Hukilau! In our Hawaii-themed week, we made our own grass skirts, flowery lei, and printed our own t-shirts. We practiced dancing, doing the limbo and using hula hoops!

We dressed up at as pirates and sailed the seas in our ‘Treasure Hunt’ themed week.

Robby Rabbit students showing off their swords!

We sang sea shanties and made metal detectors. We practiced our ‘Ahoys’, our ‘Yo ho hos’ and our ‘shiver me timbers’. We even made a treasure chest to store all of our plundered loot.

Robby Rabbit students working hard on their treasure chests.

We learned about festivals from all around the world in our ‘International Summer Festival’ themed week.

We practiced dancing the carnival in Brazil, we jumped over bonfires in Spain. We danced around the Maypole in England, and of course played some traditional Japanese Matsuri games.

We got inspired by a famous children’s book in our ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ week.

We explored the world of colors and patterns by making our own kaleidoscopes. We learnt about hibernation and practiced making our own dens. Can we build something strong enough to keep a bear safe from strong rain an heavy winds?

Four fun-packed weeks later, and we’re all excited to start our regular classes again. Our Missy class will be learning about ‘clothes’, our Robby class will be learning about ‘The five senses’ and our Deedee class will be learning about ‘Dinosaurs’. We can’t wait!