Today I learned the alphabet with my animal friends. It was so FUN!


Please let us introduce to you Safari Kids International School. You will see our children enjoying to learn and play. Especially, the language arts lesson by Zoo-phonics is their favorite.


Age 2 to 6 years International School

We provide a high-quality early childhood education in a safe, caring, and stimulating learning environment, to ensure the growth of the whole child.

Age 3 to 6 years Afternoon English Program

A weekly 85-minute ESL program developed for children of kindergarten age. Kids Club is an optional longer program.

1st to 6th Afternoon English Program

This is a program for elementary students ranging from beginner to bilingual returnees. Weekly 55 to 85 minute classes are available depending on the level.


Safari Kids International School
Safari Kids International School
3-17-25 Yakumo, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0023