Today I learned the alphabet with my animal friends. It was so FUN!

E-Camp is an after-school program where kids can learn, talk and play in English, developed using skills and techniques Zoo-phonics Academy has been perfecting for years. Children are warmly welcomed to join E-Camp after elementary school has finished, where foreign instructors and bilingual staff will help them acquire practical language skills in an engaging and English-immersive environment. Level-based Zoo-phonics lessons are fun even for children with little to no English experience.


Age 2 to 6 years International School

We provide a high-quality early childhood education in a safe, caring, and stimulating learning environment, to ensure the growth of the whole child.

Age 3 to 6 years Afternoon English Program

A weekly 85-minute ESL program developed for children of kindergarten age. Kids Club is an optional longer program.

1st to 6th Afternoon English Program

This is a program for elementary students ranging from beginner to bilingual returnees. Weekly 55 to 85 minute classes are available depending on the level.


Zoo-phonics Academy Jiyugaoka School Jiyugaoka International School
2F, Mikio Bldg., 1-25-8
Jiyugaoka, Meguro-ku, Tokyo