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2018/07/20End of Term Yukata Party!


Summer is here, and that means we have reached the end of our first term of preschool here at Zoo-phonics Academy.  

We decided to end school and start our summer vacation with a special yukata party!

All our students (and teachers too!) spent the day in their most festive yukata, a wonderful way to beat the summer heat.

We spent the day dancing and playing lots of games.

What a memorable day!

  Everyone had an exciting time playing whack-a-mole.

  We challenged ourselves to pull a cart loaded with balls in a fun relay race.

Don’t let those balls fall!

  There were fun balance and ring-toss games too! Nice throw!

We hope all our students will hold these memories through the long summer break, and we are already looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Don’t forget there is still time to sign up for summer school if you want to keep having fun with us!

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