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Every day at Jiyugaoka International School is filled with the youthful energy and excited voices of the children who attend our international preschool and kindergarten programs in the morning and early afternoon, and who come to learn English language in our afternoon ESL program.

Phonological awareness skills are proven to help a child excel in learning. So at our school we use the Zoo-phonics Multisensory Language Arts Program, used in learning all aspects of language arts, including vocabulary development and articulation.

Focusing on language arts, our experienced teachers who have completed Zoo-phonics' official training course, encourage children to develop their oral language and literacy. All of our children first start practice sounding and body-signaling from "a" to "z" to master phonemic awareness quickly. The use of body signals connecting to the 26 animals is a kinesthetic method which brings fun and excitement into the classroom together with rapid progress, and motivates children to learn.

We have comprehensive and customized curricula for the following programs:

We provide a high-quality early childhood education in a safe, caring, and stimulating learning environment, to ensure the growth of the whole child.

A weekly 85-minute ESL program developed for children of kindergarten age. Kids Club is an optional longer program.

This is a program for elementary students ranging from beginner to bilingual returnees. Weekly 55 to 85 minute classes are available depending on the level.